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Use Fast DNS Hosting for your Joomla Website

By switching to high speed cloud based DDoS Protected DNS hosting you can increase DNS speed considerably resulting in faster web page deliv...

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Hostinger Cloud Joomla Website Hosting

Hostinger is one of the best managed cloud hosting providers optimised for Joomla sites and is a perfect solution for small and large businesses looki...

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Upgrade your Joomla 3 Website to Joomla 4 or 5

Upgrading your Joomla 3 site to Joomla 4 and beyond offers many benefits including the increased speed performance and is also a great ...

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Joomla Website Support Helpdesk System

Once a website, or project enters our Support Helpdesk System a private secure support area is created where all documentation is kept. Our Helpdesk s...

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Scala Hosting Shared Joomla Website Hosting

Scala Hosting Shared Joomla Website Hosting is very fast, secure and reliable Web Hosting and the fastest shared hosting providers optimised...

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Scala Hosting Managed VPS Joomla Website Hosting

A Scala Hosting Managed VPS for Joomla Website Hosting is very fast, secure and reliable Web Hosting and perfect for hosting single or multi...

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Can you move my Joomla site for me?

Yes, we are extremely experienced in moving Joomla sites from one host to another, we have successfully moved several hundred Joomla sites since 2005,...

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I can't get information from my host, can you still move my Joomla site?

Yes, in most cases as long as we have a Joomla Super User/Super Admin login we can relocate your website, with these and FTP access it's even more lik...

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Joomla Website and Joomla Hosting Audit

Our full Joomla website and Joomla hosting audit includes analysing your hosting, hosting configuration, databases, website, installed software, backu...

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Move a Joomla Website from one host to another

Hosting and moving, transferring or migrating and all kinds of Joomla websites between multiple hosting providers since 2005 we have a great deal...

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Move hacked Joomla site to new host and update version

This involved transferring a Joomla 2.5 site from GoDaddy to Siteground, removing malware, restoring hacked Joomla source, repair of corrupt database,...

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Set up VPS, transfer and cleanup 18 hacked Joomla Websites

This consisted of; replacing a compromised WHM/Cpanel VPS web server, building and configuring a new VPS, installing and configuring Plesk, a firewall...

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Copy Website Files to New Domain Name

This job involved installing a new site built by another web developer on the clients hosting, removing vulnerable extensions, replacing hacked core J...

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Joomla Website Setup

This job involved installing a new site built by another developer on the clients hosting, updating the Joomla version, along with the template and al...

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Review and Clean up of 3 Joomla based sites

This project involved copying the sites to a quarantine area on our server, removing malicious code, database repair, restoring core Joomla and extens...

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Migrate Joomla website to Plesk hosting

This involved backing up a Joomla website, transferring to a new host, performing a security audit, updating the Joomla version and all extensions, an...

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Build and Host Joomla Websites

This job involves building between six and twelve Joomla sites a year and managing a VPS with seventy plus Joomla sites hosted on it so far. Excellent...

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Implement subscription based membership on our Joomla website

This project involved adding a membership system to provide structure and access rules to a Joomla website with over four thousand existing members an...

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Import and setup Joomla website using A2 Hosting

This project involved installing a Joomla site backup from Windows hosting on Linux hosting which presented all kinds of unexpected problems which wer...

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Transfer of Joomla Page/ Updates, Security check

This involved transfer of a Joomla 3 site to new hosting and included; updating Joomla and replacing multiple broken extensions, removal of malicious ...

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At Joomla Fixers we provide remote on demand and routine Joomla Website Support, Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance, Website Marketing and Website Hosting services to both end users and web design studios alike Worldwide.

Our vast experience gained in supporting, repairing, building, hosting, maintaining and optimising Joomla websites since 2005 combined with our Joomla Website Support System enables us to work very efficiently.

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