Joomla Website Hosting

Joomla Website Hosting

Hosting Joomla websites since it evolved as a fork of Mambo in 2005, we fully understand the requirements, how website hosting has evolved, and the consequences of not using adequate hosting. We have found that by keeping your Email and DNS hosting separate from your website hosting you gain a lot of flexibility and are not tied to a specific website host along with their unexpected price increases, degradation in performance, failure to update server resources etc.

Further flexibility can be achieved by storing daily site backups on external storage away from your host. Often website owners assume that the backups included or paid for with their web hosting are adequate and more often than not this is not the case. Often these are in a proprietary format, only accessible within the hosting account for restoration in the same hosting account or an account upgrade. See our Fast DNS Hosting for your Joomla Website and Backup your Joomla Website to external storage articles for additional information.

Managed Joomla combined with Managed Hosting is the best hosting option allowing you to focus on your business knowing that your Joomla website, Joomla Extensions and hosting are constantly maintained, keeping your website stable, secure and up to date. See our Managed Joomla and Managed Hosting article for further information.article for further information.

Shared Joomla website hosting is the most economical website hosting for non critical business websites or for personal and hobby websites as long as you use a very reliable host. See our Shared Joomla website hosting article for further information.

Cloud Joomla Website Hosting is unlike traditional shared website hosting which uses a single physical server to host multiple websites, cloud hosting distributes the resources for web hosting across a network of multiple virtual servers which can be spread across multiple geographic locations. See our Cloud Joomla Website Hosting article for further information.

Joomla VPS (virtual private server) Website Hosting is an option between shared and dedicated hosting utilising a separate virtual space for each user on a single physical server. Each virtual server has its own set of resources, ensuring that the hosted websites don't compete with each other for these resources. See our Joomla VPS Website Hosting article for further information.

Joomla Dedicated Server Hosting is recommended for high performance Joomla Website hosting with exclusive resource allocation providing high speed,security and reliability. Having dedicated resources allows websites to handle substantial traffic volumes and complex processing without the risk of degrading performance. Also enhanced security solutions can be implemented for specific needs or to comply with specific regulatory standards. See our Joomla Dedicated Server Hosting article for further information.

We fully understand Joomla hosting requirements, web server configurations, databases, firewalls and security and have been configuring, managing, maintaining and supporting Joomla hosting for all kinds of Joomla websites since 2005. Our vast experience gained combined with our Joomla Website Support System enables us to respond and work very efficiently with any Joomla hosting related issues.

For specific information regarding Joomla Website Hosting or Joomla Website Hosting Support CONTACT US to discuss your requirements, hosting and pricing options.

 Once you become a customer you get access to a Highly Experienced Joomla Developer and;

  • Access to our secure private support helpdesk site where access credentials are kept along with tasks and changes which are documented in detail.
  • Use of our ticketing system where bugs can be reported, questions asked, and additional features can be requested.

For all things Joomla order our Joomla Specialist Support and Maintenance service and submit a ticket on our helpdesk

If you have current issues with your Joomla Website or Hosting see our Joomla Website and Hosting Diagnostics service

If you are considering major updates and getting your site stable, fast, secure and to the Latest Joomla 5 version see our Joomla Website and Hosting Audit service

It's extremely important to keep your Joomla installation, and extensions up to date to keep your website fast and minimise the risk of your site being compromised, you should also check that you are not using vulnerable extensions by visiting Joomla! Vulnerable Extensions List.

Many site owners are totally unaware of the status of their Joomla websites, databases, and hosting environments, the potential risks of being compromised, and the implications of private personal data held. Also many site owners are paying extortionate hosting fees for below standard services running on out of date and insecure hosting environments. 

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We offer a wide range of services at Joomla Fixers, including remote on-demand and scheduled Joomla Website Support, Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance, Website Marketing, and Website Hosting. Our services cater to both end users and web design studios worldwide.

With over 15 years of experience in overseeing, fixing, constructing, managing, and enhancing Joomla websites since 2005, we are able to operate highly effectively thanks to our Joomla Website Support System.

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