Cloud Joomla Website Hosting

Cloud Joomla Website Hosting

Unlike traditional shared website hosting using a single physical server to host multiple websites, cloud hosting distributes the resources for web hosting across a network of multiple virtual servers which can be spread across multiple geographic locations.

A Cloud Hosting setup reduces possible downtime and hardware failure with a self-healing infrastructure and is ideal for achieving Joomla website stability,  up-time and high performance.

Cloud hosting is becoming very popular and competitive, we have experience with Joomla sites on many hosts and recommend the following;

Hostinger is one of the best managed cloud hosting providers optimised for Joomla sites and is a perfect solution for small and large businesses looking to improve website speed and the end-user experience. We have migrated multiple sites there since 2022 and regularly achieve page speed scores upwards of 95 percent. See our Hostinger Cloud Joomla Website Hosting page for further information.

Scala Hosting Cloud Joomla Website Hosting is very fast, secure and reliable Web Hosting and much faster than shared hosting for Joomla websites. We have migrated multiple sites there over the last two years or so and apart from the actual hosting we found the support was almost instant on the few rare occasions when we needed to contact them. See our Scala Hosting Cloud Joomla Website Hosting page for further information.

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We offer a wide range of services at Joomla Fixers, including remote on-demand and scheduled Joomla Website Support, Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance, Website Marketing, and Website Hosting. Our services cater to both end users and web design studios worldwide.

With over 15 years of experience in overseeing, fixing, constructing, managing, and enhancing Joomla websites since 2005, we are able to operate highly effectively thanks to our Joomla Website Support System.

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