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Joomla Fixers Website HostingCost effective hosting solutions for your Joomla websites without compromising performance, and security.

We are extremely flexible, we understand that requirements differ from customer to customer, and can supply or recommend our tried and tested solutions.

We fully understand Joomla hosting requirements, web server configurations, firewalls and security, and the consequences of inadequate hosting, and have successfully migrated and secured several hundred websites.

Select from our standard solutions or we can create a custom package that best suits your needs, from one or two websites, to virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and beyond. We have servers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA and typically uptime is greater than 99.9 percent. We can also recommend shared hosting for you, which we can configure, manage and provide as little, or as much support as required.

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Joomla Fixers Shared Joomla HostingShared hosting is the most economical Joomla Website Hosting available as long as you use a very reliable host.

We have been hosting Joomla sites since it evolved as a fork of Mambo in 2005, we fully understand the requirements, and the consequences of not using adequate hosting.

Siteground is the best shared host optimized for Joomla sites, we have located several hundred sites there over the last ten years or so, and tried at least another 20 hosts before we discovered Siteground.

We often transfer sites from inadequate hosts, remove malware, infected files, clean up infected databases, and then transfer them to Siteground.

Joomla Fixers Managed Website HostingOur Managed Joomla Hosting offers good value and our servers are optimized for best performance.

Servers are protected with a maintained firewall with an up to date block list of known attack stes, along with automated virus and malware scanning.

Prices start at $25 per month including a dedicated IP address, and our premium continuous website monitoring service which tests website availability from multiple locations once every minute, retains logs for a year, and downtime notification email to your email address as well as our support team.

Joomla Fixers VPS and Dedicated Server HostingWe build, configure, and manage VPS and Dedicated Servers for Joomla website hosting both for end users and web design agencies alike.

Servers are configured with a maintained firewall with an up to date block list of known attack stes, along with automated virus and malware scanning.

For new projects you can can use a provider of your choice, or we can recommend one depending on your location and requirements.

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