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Joomla Fixers Website Design ServicesJoomla website design services include producing workflows, wireframes, mockup designs, logos, web graphics, newsletter and email templates, along with a full redesign service for existing websites.

Our live interractive website design service enables production of websites very quickly, with change and modification requests executed, and reviewed in real time.

Our sites are responsive, search engine and mobile friendly, and include an AMP version  (Accelerated Mobile Pages), along with essential elements which are often ovelooked, or added as an afterthought. For example; an automated backup system, contact forms with Googe reCAPTCHA, dynamic HTML and XML sitemaps, SEO tools integrated with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, along with software update notifications and additional security measures to keep your site secure.

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Joomla Fixers Website Redesign ServicesA new website design can be applied to an existing Joomla website, or a new website is created and existing databases, content and graphics are imported as required.

Existing pages are redirected to the new URL's to ensure a minimal effect on search engine rankings, search engine traffic is monitored before, during and after the site goes live.

Our live interractive Joomla website redesign service enables the new design to be produced very quickly, with change and modification requests executed, and reviewed in real time.

Joomla Fixers Website Graphic and Logo DesignProduction of website logos from existing designs, optimize existing logos for website use, or design new logos for use on your Joomla website.

Custom infographics, and icons, icluding custom map markers, and favorite icon sets for all web browsers and platforms.

We can source, create, and implement optimized photograpic images for your content, optimize existing website graphics, including photographic images for optimum website performance.

Joomla Fixers Newsletter and Email Template DesignFor promoting your products or services, sharing news, or simply communicating with your Joomla site visitors we can produce branded email templates.

Different templates can be utilized for all automated transactional Joomla website emails including user registration, account activation, and  sign up emails.

Email templates are mobile optimized for the best performance across multiple devices and screen resolutions, we also create and manage email marketing campaigns.

Forms for receiving information, and paymentsWe design all kinds of forms for Joomla websites, from simple login forms, and forms that collect email addresses for newsletters, to complex multi page forms where users upload files, and also make payments.

Ajax is utilized to display only the information required by the user, allowing a single multi purpose form to be used when appropriate.

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