Joomla Business Starter Websites

Joomla Business Starter Websites

Promote your products or services using one of our Joomla Business Starter Website packages. 

Our Joomla Business Starter Websites are Ideal for small businesses and individuals and include everything you need to get up and running as soon as possible with your own stable and highly scalable Mobile First, responsive CMS based website.

Start with a simple single page or a 5 page brochure website complete with contact forms, live chat and a Customer Relationship System with all of the tools in place to grow your website. As your business grows, you can add more pages and functionality to your site, such as membership or customer access, an online store, online booking, events booking, user forums, social networking and more, the possibilities are endless.

Our secure, responsive, search engine friendly and mobile friendly websites include essential elements to enhance performance and keep your files and databases secure and backed up. Our websites have an emphasis on the security of your visitor, customer and transaction data and the prevention of data harvesting by bad actors, the surveillance state and big tech.

The key to building a fast, stable and secure Joomla website is to;.

  • Keep third party extensions to a minimum.
  • Only use tested and trusted third party extensions that are maintained and updated often.
  • Avoid using third party templates and template frameworks.
  • Minimise the use of third party scrips for visitor tracking, fonts etc.
  • Use adequate web hosting including a test site for testing major changes, updates, PHP versions etc.

We take care of all of the design, development, configuration, technical related tasks and add new content that you provide or we can migrate your existing content.All sites are different but typically we include the following features;

  • Automated backup system.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools access.
  • Blog or latest news section where you can add content and media using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Branded template design incorporating your logo and colour scheme.
  • Canonical link tag to assist with search engine optimization.
  • CMS website built with the latest Joomla version.
  • Contact form with multiple anti spam options.
  • Data Protection Regulation Compliance tools including GDPR, CMP, CCPA, and EUGH.
  • Dynamic HTML and XML sitemaps.
  • Enhanced Security.
  • Google Search Console access.
  • Image and delivery speed optimisation
  • Initial site content setup or migration from your existing site.
  • Live chat and a Customer Relationship System
  • Local font delivery for faster loading and to enhance user privacy.
  • Privacy Respecting Website Analytics or Google Analytics if requested.
  • Search engine frendly content structure.
  • Search engine frendly header tag hirachy.
  • Search engine friendly URL's.
  • SEO analysis tools.
  • SEO optimised landing page.
  • Structured data markup for Google's rich search results.

When the design and development is completed we then optimise the site for performance across all devices, once the site is launched the key to keeping it fast, stable and secure is to;

  • Keep the site database backed up daily and retain backups.
  • Perform regular maintenance and updates.
  • Monitor page speed delivery.
  • Monitor on page SEO performance.
  • Monitor errors and redirects. 

After launch you take full control of your website and content and we can provide as much or as little support as required.

Our Joomla Business Starter Website packages are available for a fixed one off price or by monthly subscription that includes the initial website design and development, upgrade, redesign or refresh, fast hosting, daily backups, hosting and CMS updates including extentions along with access to our support helpdesk. To discuss your requirements CONTACT US

What Joomla Support Services do you provide?

Supporting, building, hosting, maintaining and optimising and all kinds of Joomla websites since 2005 we have gained vast experience. This combined with our Joomla Website Support System enables us to work very efficiently with any Joomla related project.

We have worked on several hundred Joomla websites ranging from sites with a few pages to sites with several hundred thousand pages including multi language sites. Taking on all kinds of Joomla related projects, including;

  • Adding additional functionality.
  • Adding content delivery networks.
  • Adding E-Commerce along with shopping carts.
  • Adding multiple anti-spam solutions.
  • Adding multiple languages.
  • Adding payment gateways.
  • Adding user management and subscription memberships.
  • Building new Joomla websites.
  • Customising Joomla extensions.
  • Customising Joomla templates.
  • Developing all kinds of forms including API integrations and auto field population using GeoIP services.
  • Developing custom Joomla extensions.
  • Developing custom Joomla templates.
  • Implementing GDPR compliance.
  • Implementing HTTP security headers.
  • Joomla Extension Installation and configuration.
  • Joomla Installation and configuration on your hosting.
  • Joomla search engine marketing,
  • Joomla search engine optimisation.
  • Joomla site backup restoration on your hosting.
  • Joomla version updates
  • Joomla website speed optimisation.
  • Making Joomla websites responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Malware removal including file and database cleanup.
  • Migrating existing websites to Joomla including WordPress and none CMS websites.
  • Migrating Joomla websites from one host to another.
  • Producing AMP versions of Joomla websites.
  • Resolving security-related issues.
  • SSL certificate installation.
along with support and training, and anything required to keep Joomla Websites fast, functional, secure, and stable

To order hourly Joomla Specialist Support and Maintenance service, press the add to cart button, select a minimum of one hour and submit a ticket on our helpdesk.
Once you become a customer you get access to a Highly Experienced Joomla Developer and;
  • Access to our secure private support helpdesk site where access credentials are kept along with tasks and changes which are documented in detail.
  • Use of our ticketing system where bugs can be reported, questions asked, and additional features can be requested.

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We offer a wide range of services at Joomla Fixers, including remote on-demand and scheduled Joomla Website Support, Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance, Website Marketing, and Website Hosting. Our services cater to both end users and web design studios worldwide.

With over 15 years of experience in overseeing, fixing, constructing, managing, and enhancing Joomla websites since 2005, we are able to operate highly effectively thanks to our Joomla Website Support System.

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