Joomla Landing Page Design and Development

Joomla Landing Page Design and Development

In online marketing a landing page or a lead capture page is a web page that is usually displayed in response to clicking on a result of a search engine search, an online advertisement, a link from a promotion or an email. Landing pages usually display a continuation of the sales copy from the source and include a specific call to action

Landing pages are used for many purposes including;

  • Announcements such as coming soon for example
  • Claiming free product samples
  • Ebook downloads
  • Event sign-up
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Recruitment
  • Registering for a free trial
  • Registering for coupons and discount codes
  • Sale of products or services
  • Webinar sign-up

We can create effective Joomla landing pages to promote products and services to entice visitors and encourage them to purchase, subscribe, book an event or make contact.

There's no need to jump in at the deep end and subscribe to a costly third party provider with contracts, monthly fees, hidden extras and masses of information to sift through.

We like to keep things as simple as possible and can work with you. Visitors arrive at a landing page on your website, take an action and with tracking in place all of the required information is available in your website Analytics.

With the use of A/B/x tests we choose the best variation and run with it, you can then tweak the page as and when required, and use it as a template to create more pages.

Alternatively we can do this for you and provide as much or as little assistance and support as and when required.

CONTACT US to discuss your Joomla Website landing page requirements.

We offer a wide range of services at Joomla Fixers, including remote on-demand and scheduled Joomla Website Support, Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance, Website Marketing, and Website Hosting. Our services cater to both end users and web design studios worldwide.

With over 15 years of experience in overseeing, fixing, constructing, managing, and enhancing Joomla websites since 2005, we are able to operate highly effectively thanks to our Joomla Website Support System.

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