Upgrade your Joomla 3 Website to Joomla 4 or 5

Upgrade your Joomla 3 Website to Joomla 4 or 5

Upgrading your Joomla 3 site to Joomla 4 and beyond offers many benefits including the increased speed performance and is also a great time to declutter your site. We have been updating multiple sites to Joomla 4 since late 2021 and are familiar with most of the issues encountered along with Joomla 5 upgrades since October 2023.

We have also fixed multiple failed upgrades for both end users and web design agencies where in some cases we have restored broken live sites to previous versions and redone the upgrade. 

Along with other issues we are finding that some of the template providers are producing Joomla 4 compatible templates which are not the same as native Joomla 4 templates (which also work fine with Joomla 5) and don't support child templates for example.  Also they rely on the overhead of a third party template framework which isn't absolutely necessary and in most cases effects performance and no doubt will cause future Joomla update problems.

With Joomla 5 in many cases the minimum database server requirement prevents upgrading on a lot of hosts including Siteground so this is something worth noting.

Prior to attempting the update, or if you tested the update and had issues we recommend our Joomla website and Joomla hosting audit which provides you with Joomla version upgrade paths with options for all Joomla  versions and includes analysing your hosting, hosting configuration, databases, website, installed software, backup system, performing security checks, SEO and speed status, and producing a detailed  report with our findings, and recommendations for discussion.

We can then implement any required changes, of you can implement them yourself with as much or as little support from our experts as required.

Before making any commitments to your existing host or web developer it's worth quantifying performance and checking the stability and security of your current installation and hosting. More often than not you will be surprised with our findings when you realise you are being overcharged for a poor service.

If you are considering renewing your website hosting contract, are unsure of your current developer and the status of your Joomla website, or require major updates and getting your site stable, fast, secure and to the Latest Joomla 5 version an audit can save you a lot of time and money in the long term.

What about major Joomla updates, rebuilds and redesigns?

If you are considering major updates and getting your site stable, fast, secure and to the Latest Joomla version see our Joomla Website and Hosting Audit service. Our full audit of the Joomla Website and Hosting including extensions, templates, overrides, SEO status, page delivery speed status, configuration and security.

Following the audit and testing you will receive a detailed report including the status of your site and your hosting along with detailed recommendations and options for updating your site including templates and extensions.

You can then address the issues yourself, use your existing developer or use our Joomla Specialist services to ensure that your site is stable and secure and your hosting is adequate and configured correctly.

Once you become a customer you get access to a Highly Experienced Joomla Developer and;

  • Access to our secure private support helpdesk site where access credentials are kept along with tasks and changes which are documented in detail.
  • Use of our ticketing system where bugs can be reported, questions asked, and additional features can be requested.

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