Google Site Search Tool

Google Site Search Tool

A Google site search is a simple method of using Google to search through indexed pages on a specific domain and is a very useful tool to see how your web pages appear in a search engine results page (SERP).

Google's site search operator is "site:" so to perform a site search, simply add "site:" in front of the domain name you want to search, for example "" and search.

For example search the domain using returns all indexed pages as below

This tool is also very useful for competitor research, you can use additional Google search operators to refine your search;

Query Search finds pages containing an exact search phrase or term, enclose the phrase or term in quotation marks, you can search the domain for black holes using "black holes"

Negative Query Search finds pages excluding an exact search phrase or term, so you can search the domain for pages excluding black holes using -"black holes"

You can use AND for example "black holes" AND "gravity"

You can use OR for example "black holes" OR "white holes"

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