Joomla 5.1.0 and 4.4.4 Released

Joomla 5.1.0 and 4.4.4 Released

Let's celebrate! Today is an important day for the Joomla! Project. We're celebrating six months of hard work by our volunteers, who had the vision to produce a new minor version. Today, we are proud to announce the release of our new minor version, Joomla 5.1, alongside Joomla 4.4.4,

What new features are in Joomla 5.1?

  • Implement TUF updater (#42799)
  • Heavily improve dark mode (#42986)
  • Implement backend dark mode switch (#42221)
  • Implement a Welcome Tour (#41659)
  • SEO: Add trailing slash behaviour (#42702)
  • SEO: Improve URL behaviour with index.php (#42704)
  • Adding notice to global configuration for additional options in SEF plugin (#42832)
  • Update Jooa11y Accessibility Checker Plugin with latest Sa11y (#42780)
  • Improve Guided Tours with new features for required field handling and support for checkbox / radio / select lists as target (#40994)
  • Add regex validation for fields (#42657)
  • Add Generic type (#42699)
  • Add Article type (#42402)
  • Allow custom fields form be manipulates like category form (#42510)
  • Replace bootstrap modal with new dialog in backend for
    • Scheduler task "Run test" (#42746)
    • Extensions changelog (#42453)
    • Batch-Dialog in Redirect component (#42355)
    • Plugin editing (#42447)
    • Module editing (#42423)
    • Media editor button (#42288)
    • Category Modal (#42293)
    • Contact Modal (#42326)
    • Newsfeed Modal (#42327)
    • Batch Modal (#42328)
    • ContentHistory Modal (#42454)
  • Add main region and better support for modules in Cassiopeia error page (#42719)
  • Joomla Update: Improving error handling when writing files (#41096)
  • Update FontAwesome to 6.5.1 (#42721)
  • Update TinyMCE to 6.8.3 (#42930)
  • Strip attributes from images in HTML mails (#42448)
  • Change type of field "value" in table #_fields_values from text to mediumtext (#42606)
  • Add support for subcategory levels in contacts category view (#41618)
  • Add "New Article" button to blog view (#39506)
  • CLI Improvements
    • Add command to manage Joomla core update channels (#42597)
    • Renaming and improving output of core:update:check (#42594)
    • Improve output of Core Update command (#42601)
    • Update:extension:check command (#42844)
    • maintenance database update db structure (42568)
  • Module conversion to service provider
    • Mod_banners (#42214)
    • Mod_multilangstatus (#42845)
    • Mod_sampledata (#42866)
    • Mod_frontend (#42853)
    • Mod_user (#42852)
    • Mod_login (#42990)
    • Mod_toolbar (#42838)
    • Mod_loginsupport (#42827)
    • Mod_title (#42801)
    • Mod_stats (#42781)
    • Mod_wrapper (#42792)
    • Mod_version (#42814)
    • Mod_stats_admin (#42886)
    • Mod_syndicate (#42883)
    • Mod_custom (#42877)
    • Mod_messages (#42735)
    • Mod_feed (#42215)
    • Mod_tags_similar (#42898)
    • Mod_tags_popular (#42899)
    • Mod_latestactions (#42910)
    • Mod_languages (#42929)
    • Mod_post_installation_messages (#42987)
  • Add toolbar buttons in language installation toolbar to go directly to language management views (#42610)
  • Improve long description output for templates (#42651)
  • Add possibility to sort subform rows with buttons "up" and "down" (#42334)
  • Add rebuild button in Tags (#42586)
  • Improve uninstall of package children extension (#42607)
  • Improve webservices filter (#42519)
  • Improve webservice event classes (#42092)
  • Use generic icon for documents in media manager (#42527)
  • Rewrite com_associations in vanilla JS (#42771)
  • Implementing Event classes for PageCache events (#41965)
  • Fix actionlogs information emails containing HTML links (#40033)
  • Load plugin group when executing batch tasks (#39013)
  • Add Global Setting for Form Layout option to custom fields (#37320)
  • Add SVG support to mod_banners (#41854)
  • Several JS improvements (#42756, #42755, #42776, #42784)
  • Update Code style fixer (#42603)
  • Unit test for WebAsset (#42885)

What about Joomla 4.4.4?
Joomla 4.4.4 has no new features. However, you are required to upgrade from Joomla 4.x to Joomla 5.x
It contains updates to allow for a smoother upgrade path but no new features.

Click or press here for full release information.

It's extremely important to keep your Joomla installation, and extensions up to date to minimise the risk of your site being compromised, you should also check that you are not using vulnerable extensions by visiting Joomla! Vulnerable Extensions List.

Many site owners are totally unaware of the status of their Joomla websites, databases, and hosting environments, the potential risks of being compromised, and the implications of private personal data held. Also many site owners are paying extortionate hosting fees for below standard services running on out of date and insecure hosting environments. 

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