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Can you convert my Photoshop Document (PSD) to a Joomla Website?

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To find out exactly what version of Joomla you have, when logged in to the Joomla back end the version is displayed on the top right on early versions or in the footer of recent versions.

Alternatively mouseover Help and then click System Info on older versions, or click Site-System information on more recent versions.

It's important to keep your Joomla version up to date, many updates are released for security reasons to prevent your Joomla site from being compromised.

Joomla Fixers Joomla Website Support and Maintenance Services

Yes, this doesn't happen very often, but when requested we have recovered or changed Joomla Super Administrator/Super User passwords.

Firstly if you have access to the email address that was used for the admin user, and you have made the "lost password" feature available on the front end, the simplest thing is to do is to use the "lost password" Front-end function. The site will send an e-mail to the user's e-mail address and allow you to change the password.

Joomla Fixers Joomla Website Support and Maintenance Services

Yes, we are experienced with adding Google Analytics to websites and have been doing so for many years. Most of the websites we produce, or support include the Google Analytics web analytics solution to give a rich insight into their website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

We can also integrate Google Analytics in your Joomla Administration panel where you can manage titles, descriptions, and tags, along with monitoring site perfrormance.

Joomla Fixers Shared Joomla HostingYes, we are extremely experienced in moving Joomla sites from one host to another, we have successfully moved several hundred Joomla sites over the last ten years or so, our standard service costs $100 which quite often can be saved with reduced hosting fees.

We can also remove malware, infected files, and clean up infected databases.

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