Joomla Fixers SSL certificate installationSSL is short for secure socket layer - a technology that encrypts communication between users and a website.

This encryption ensures that important data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information is sent from the user to the site without the risk of interception.

An SSL certificate is a certified piece of code on a website that binds this encryption to the organization responsible for the website.

An SSL-certified website runs on https protocol. This activates the browser padlock or a prominent green browser bar to show visitors it is safe to browse. Reputable websites use SSL to protect their customer’s data and their online transactions; their reputation depends on it.

We are experienced with the provision, installation, and configuration of SSL certificates on Joomla websites.

How to Check for a Secure (SSL) Connection
You can identify whether a website is protected with SSL certificate just by looking at the URL. If the URL begins with ‘https://’, it's to be understood that the website is secured with an SSL certificate. Standard web addresses begin with HTTP. In an SSL protected website, HTTP is replaced with HTTPs. The extra s indicates that it's a secure page since.

When you visit a website that has an SSL Certificate installed, your browser will show one or all of the following:

To understand how the hierarchy is queried by your computer to produce a website on your screen, you need a basic understanding of the elements within a domain name and how these relate to IP addresses.

  • HTTPS at the beginning of the URL
  • Green padlock
  • Green address bar

We have used many certificate providers and recommend Namecheap for good value and ease of use.

It's quite a simple process CONTACT US to discuss your SSL requirements, sign up and purchase, forward us the details and we take care of the rest.  Alernatively we can purchase certificates on your behalf, and manage renewals for you.

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