Joomla Fixers Joomla Website Support SystemOnce a Joomla website, or project enters our Support System a private secure support forum is created where all documentation is kept.

Our support site is fully secure and sensitive information such as passwords can be uploaded securely.

All of the work that we do is documented here, and once your site is in our system, access to the information is permanent..

When you submit a support request our support team are notified immidiately, our maximum response time is six hours, and generally we respond in two hours or less. Should your request be extremely urgent we can be contacted by telephone, this service isn't free, and is charged at your normal hourly support rate.

Once you receive a reply you are notified by email, and can log in to view our response. In the event of your site going down, we usually kmow about it befoe you do and take immidiate action.

As far as ongoing maintenance is concerned, we install our Jinspector plugin, which automatically emails our project management system daily from each site with system information, backup status, and the Joomla and extension updates required. Below is a typical example of a Joomla website on a monthly maintenance cycle. We have been managing and updating Joomla sites for over a decade and have developed an extremely efficient system.

A typical example of a Joomla website on a monthly maintenance cycle

We offer a friendly, professional service, we are very flexible and can provide as much or as little support as needed, CONTACT US for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements. We also work with external collaboration services such as Basecamp, Slack, 

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