UK address lookup from postcode Collecting the correct postcode and address from a customer can be crucial, especially if the data is being used for financial services like insurance and mortgage quotes or for delivery of products or services.

We can integrate UK address lookup from postcodes into websites utilising the Royal Mail PAF (Postal Address File) as the data source or by integrating with third party solutions.

Address data can be stored in the database, emailed, integrated into E Commerce, used to automatically generate a PDF letter that can be printed and posted, to generate an invoice or sent via an API for processing to generate mortgage or insurance quotes for example.

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 We can integrate multiple address lookups into a form, shipping address, invoice address and delivery address for example.

Royal Mail PAF (Postal Address File) licensing can be very expensive, by using a third party provider for the address lookup there are no large upfront costs or annual license fees, you can pay for what you use and pay monthly for the service.

To discuss your address from postcode requirements CONTACT US for a free no obligation consultation and pricing.

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