Joomla Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google initiative to produce high performance web pages that load almost instantly.

We can produce AMP versions of Joomla! websites including dynamic AMP sitemaps which we can also submit to Google for indexing.

AMP is a lightweight version of a webpage stripped of the many elements that cause a normal webpage to display slowly, such as multiple cookies, and third-party Javascript, resulting in a page that loads lightning fast.

Google has been showing the AMP version of webpages in mobile search results since February 2016.

We begin the implementation of ampifying a Joomla site by setting up the basics such as your Publisher Logo, a Favorie Icon, Google Analytics, and basic pages which include your logo, a header, a menu, and a footer, and some custom modules if appropriate, or required. A link to the main site page is included in the footer of all AMP pages.

Following this we implememt AMP for all basic website pages, along with creating custom styles for the AMP version, for review and feedback.

Changes are implemented following feedback, review and feedback is repeated until we reach a position where the site can go live.

The AMP version of the website then goes live, the AMP sitemap is produced, added to robots.txt, and submitted to Google via Google Search Console.

After completion of the basic implementation, we then review other pages (if any) that include components that the site does not yet have an AMP page for, and implement them where possible.

The initial process can usually be implemented within 48 hours, CONTACT US for a price to create an AMP version of your Joomla website.

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