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Joomla Fixers Joomla Website DevelopmentOur selection of pre-configured Joomla websites, provide a blank canvas to apply a design to, and include the essential elements.

These significantly reduce development time, and costs enabling us get a new website up within a few hours.

Our Joomla sites are responsive, search engine and mobile friendly, and include an AMP version  (Accelerated Mobile Pages), along with essential elements which are often ovelooked, or added as an afterthought. For example; cookie compliance, an automated backup system, contact forms with Googe reCAPTCHA, dynamic html and xml sitemaps, SEO tools integrated with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, along with software update notifications and additional security measures to keep your site secure.

This significantly reduces development time, and costs, as well as ongoing costs. Wether you chose a pre configured site or not, we prefer to do all of the installation ourselves, to be certain that core code, and databases are correct, without modification, ensuring there are no hidden surprises in store. We also have the ability to import content from existing websites and databases into our stable pre configured sites when required.

We pay great attention to detail, and fully document all of our work, which is available to our clients via our pivate, secure customer support site. Apart from documenting all changes, configurations, login details, software updates, etc, bugs can be reported, questions asked, and additional features can be requested. Even for small jobs it's proven extremely useful to have secure access to all of the relevant project information in one location, and access is permanent.

If you have existing Joomla websites that require maintaining, relocating, optimization, additional functionality, Accelerated Mobile Pages, or redesigning CONTACT US no job is too small, we offer a friendly, professional service.

UK address lookup from postcode Collecting the correct postcode and address from a customer can be crucial, especially if the data is being used for financial services like insurance and mortgage quotes or for delivery of products or services.

We can integrate UK address lookup from postcodes into websites utilising the Royal Mail PAF (Postal Address File) as the data source or by integrating with third party solutions.

Address data can be stored in the database, emailed, integrated into E Commerce, used to automatically generate a PDF letter that can be printed and posted, to generate an invoice or sent via an API for processing to generate mortgage or insurance quotes for example.

Conversion of Existing Website to Joomla

We are experienced importing all kinds of existing websites into both new and existing Joomla websites.

We import websites from html, databases, and many Content Management Systems including Episerver, Drupal and WordPress into Joomla.

We can provide a website with all of the required extensions, including your imported content, you can then review your new Joomla website live on our private server, and request changes, or additional functionality.

PSD (Photoshop Document) to Joomla Conversion

We are experienced with slicing PSD's (Photoshop Documents) to create Joomla websites.

We work with many Joomla Template Frameworks including EF4, Gantry, Helix 3, Joomlart T3,ThemeXpert Expose, and YooTheme Warp.

We can provide a website with all of the required extensions, including dummy content,  you can then review your new Joomla website live on our private server, request changes, or additional functionality.

Joomla Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google initiative to produce high performance web pages that load almost instantly.

We can produce AMP versions of Joomla! websites including dynamic AMP sitemaps which we can also submit to Google for indexing.

AMP is a lightweight version of a webpage stripped of the many elements that cause a normal webpage to display slowly, such as multiple cookies, and third-party Javascript, resulting in a page that loads lightning fast.

Joomla Fixers Starter WebsitesOur Starter Websites provide a stable platform with a blank canvas to develop on and apply your design to.

Essential elements are included which significantly reduce development time, and enable us get a new website up within a few hours ready for discussion, review, and modification to meet your needs.

Our Starter Sites include dynamic HTML and XML sitemaps, SEO tools integrated with Google AnalyticsGoogle Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools, along with live SEO analysis avaiable from your administration interface, an automated backup system, security enhancements, search engine friendly URL's, content delivery network enabled, contact forms utilizing Google reCAPTCHA anti spam, an extremely flexible responsive templating and menu system, along with multiple content display options.

oomla Fixers Assisted Website Development ServicesOur Assisted Joomla Website Development Services are available to both end users and web development agencies alike.

We can manage projects and teams, provide our tried and tested development platform, our pre-configured websites, combined with our hosting, and support services backed with our private customer support site where project documentation is held.

Alternatively you can manage projects and teams, and we can provide the tools and our expert assistance and support as and when required.

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