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Joomla Fixers Website Services

Complete Joomla website solutions from concept, through design and development, to hosting, marketing, training, maintenance and support.

We have been designing, developing, hosting, supporting, and marketing websites for over twenty years, and for the last fifteen years we have specialised in Joomla!, an extremely flexible, secure, stable, scalable, and robust content management system which boasts over 80 million downloads to date.

If you have existing websites that require maintaining, relocating, optimization, additional functionality, Accelerated Mobile Pages, or redesigning CONTACT US no job is too small, we offer a friendly, professional service.

Joomla Fixers Website Design ServicesJoomla website design services include producing workflows, wireframes, mockup designs, logos, web graphics, newsletter and email templates, along with a full redesign service for existing websites.

Our live interractive website design service enables production of websites very quickly, with change and modification requests executed, and reviewed in real time.

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Joomla Fixers Joomla Website DevelopmentOur selection of pre-configured Joomla websites, provide a blank canvas to apply a design to, and include the essential elements.

These significantly reduce development time, and costs enabling us get a new website up within a few hours.

Our Joomla sites are responsive, search engine and mobile friendly, and include an AMP version  (Accelerated Mobile Pages), along with essential elements which are often ovelooked, or added as an afterthought. For example; cookie compliance, an automated backup system, contact forms with Googe reCAPTCHA, dynamic html and xml sitemaps, SEO tools integrated with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, along with software update notifications and additional security measures to keep your site secure.

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Joomla Fixers Website HostingCost effective hosting solutions for your Joomla websites without compromising performance, and security.

We are extremely flexible, we understand that requirements differ from customer to customer, and can supply or recommend our tried and tested solutions.

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Joomla Fixers Joomla Website Support and Maintenance Services

Armed with a wealth of knowledge, and experience, we have been building, supporting, and maintaining Joomla websites, and web servers for over two decades.

We can provide as much or as little Joomla website support and maintenance as needed to meet your requirements.

We can assist with anything related to Joomla websites, email, and hosting from content authoring, populating and managing online stores, adding aditional functionality, to virus and malware removal, custom software development, server and hosting configuration, management, and optimization.

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Joomla Fixers Website MarketingOur Joomla search engine optimization, and search engine marketing services increase qualified traffic to your websites.

As well as increasing the organic, or free website traffic from search engines we also manage Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email, and Newsletter Marketing.

We are extremely flexible, and can supply as much, or as little SEM/SEO support as required. Once we have made the required modifications to your website tools are available in your administrator interface, where you can monitor key information, such as page views, traffic sources, search terms etc.

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