Joomla! 2.5.27 is now available, this is a security release for the 2.5 series of Joomla! This is a security release addressing issues with yesterday’s 2.5.26 release. This release addresses an issue related to the core update component. This release is considered a security release since it includes two resolved security issues associated with 2.5.26.

Because of the issue with the update component, users who are running 2.5.26 will be unable to update to 2.5.27 using Joomla's update component. click here for full release information.

2.5 End of Life Update: As previously noted, the 2.5 series will reach end of life at the end of 2014, which will mark the end of support for this series. At this time, we project that 2.5.28 will be the last scheduled maintenance release.

We are familiar with the implementation of the upgrade and are currently upgrading multiple sites CONTACT US fora free proposal to update your site.

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