This project involved moving several thousand Joomla articles into the Jreviews component which was already in use for product listings and reviews enabling the content to be displayed throughout the site in the same style and layout as the pre existing Jreviews content.

  • Cloning the site to a test environment
  • Jreviews 3 re-configuration
  • Creating code to extract the first image in each Joomla article and producing a csv to import images as Jreviews media
  • Jreviews listing, category, field group, custom fields, media and menu setup
  • Installiation and configuration of the Jreviews import add on
  • Importing the previously exported images as Jreviews media
  • Setting up several Jreviews listings modules to include the new content alongside the pre existing content
  • Setting up Jreviews advanced search and filtering modules so the new content blended in with the pre existing content
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Applying all changes to the live site
  • Supplying documentation, help and support
Exceeded my expectations,very fast turnaround and thorough service, my web traffic has more than tripled within two weeks.
Private Client, New York, USA

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