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Can you convert my Photoshop Document (PSD) to a Joomla Website?

If you have a question relating to Joomla websites, and can't find the answer here in this section feel free to CONTACT US

Joomla Fixers Website Security

Yes, we are extremely experienced in moving multiple Joomla sites from one hosting account or server to another.

Each situation is different, we also take care of the removal of malicious code, along with database cleanups.

We are very flexible and can supply hosting, including emergency hosting to get your sites back online as soon as possible, or recommend hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers to meet your requirements.

Joomla Fixers Joomla Website Support and Maintenance Services

Yes we offer a Joomla site update service, we are familiar with the Joomla update process and have performed thousands of successful Joomla updates.

Backups are extremely important when updating Joomla, if you don't have a site backup mechanism we can also implement this for you.

It's important to keep your Joomla version up to date, many updates are released for security reasons to prevent your Joomla site from being compromised.

Joomla Fixers Website Support

We provide all levels of Joomla website support via our private and secure customer support site.

From simple Joomla modifications to complex website and server issues our support site provides an excelent method of communication, with the added benefit of documenting problems, changes, and solutions.

Joomla Fixers Website Support

The module positions in your Joomla template can be viewed simply by adding /?tp=1 to your domain namein the address bar of your web browser.

This functionality can me enabled/disabled in template manager-options (Preview Module Positions)

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