Will Google penalise non SSL websites?

Yes, Google already penalise non SSL websites.

The search engine giant is hot on website security and uses whether your site is deemed secure (if it’s SSL certified is part of that) as a ranking signal. It takes the security of its users very seriously.

In the eyes of Google, it doesn’t matter if you accept payments on your website or not. It wants everything on the web to be secure and avidly encourages site owners to adopt HTTPS.

As of October 2017, Google’s Chrome browser reflects the search giant’s dedication to user security. The landing page result of any site not holding an SSL certificate will be displayed to all their visitors as ‘Not Secure.’ Google’s action has made it clear: it’s time for unencrypted sites to upgrade.

On their path to stamp out the use of non-secure (HTTP) sites, future releases of Chrome will further impede non-HTTPS sites. While it may seem like adding an SSL certificate to your domain is an inconvenience, it’s ultimately a move that’s going to future-proof your website, and protect the privacy of your users.

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