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Joomla ExtensionsOur Joomla! extensions include Jinspector, to automatically report the status of a website and software updates available by email, and JoomTab which enables single logins between Joomla and Tableau Server,  and the embedding of Tableau visualizations in Joomla websites.

We have modified many extensions, templates and themes, developed custom themes, templates, plugins, and modules including themes for the Jreviews review and rating system.

Joomla Overrides and custom themes are also available, CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

JoomTab Tableau Integration for JoomlaJoomTab manages users between Joomla and Tableau Server providing SSO, and enables the embedding of Tableau visualizations within Joomla websites.

The JoomTab package contains two Joomla plugins combined in a single installation package;

JoomTabUsers: This Joomla plugin is used to Manage users on Tableau Server through the Joomla User Manager. When any user is created, updated, or deleted in Joomla User Manager, the same changes are made on Tableau Server automatically. When a user logs into the Joomla site, they are simultaneously logged into Tableau Server.

JoomTabContent: This Tableau Content Joomla plugin is used to embed the tableau views into Joomla articles, and modules, validating that the logged in user is permitted to view the tableau view or not.

Jinspector Joomla!® Site InspectorJinspector Site Inspector for Joomla gathers information about your Joomla! installation, and reports to you via email at a pre defined interval.

This eliminates the need to login to your site to check if your Joomla! version, or your Joomla! extensions are up to date, or to check when your site was last backed up.

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